The Dog Club with Heart and professional Competence

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The IHR e.V.
(International Club of Dog lovers for Dogs of all Breeds)
was established by dog lovers, owners and breeders
in summer 1994 as a "Registered Association".

Our dog club connects people of all ages with a true passion for DOGS.

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The Club for ALL dog lovers, owners and breeders.

Join us and sign in - for only 3 Euro monthly (membership fee).



Those interested in becoming a member of the IHR e.V., click

to print and complete the membership application and send it to:

Verein Internationaler Hundefreunde aller Rassen (IHR) e. V.

Birkenweg 8, D-25486 Alveslohe, Germany

No more inconvenience and trouble - join us instead!



IHR e.V. und NCV e.V.
Birkenweg 8, 25486 Alveslohe
Fon & Fax: 
+49 4193 - 754911
+49 4193 - 91245