The Dog Club with Heart and professional Competence

Club information

The IHR e.V.
(International Club of Dog lovers for Dogs of all Breeds)
was established by dog lovers, owners and breeders
in summer 1994 as a "Registered Association".

Our dog club connects people of all ages with a true passion for DOGS.

Office closed from Dec, 23rd until Jan, 7th

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The Club for ALL dog lovers, owners and breeders.

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Those interested in becoming a member of the IHR e.V., click

to print and complete the membership application and send it to:

Verein Internationaler Hundefreunde aller Rassen (IHR) e. V.

Birkenweg 8, D-25486 Alveslohe, Germany

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IHR e.V. und NCV e.V.
Birkenweg 8, 25486 Alveslohe
Fon & Fax: 
+49 4193 - 754911
+49 4193 - 91245