The Dog Club with Heart and professional Competence

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The IHR e.V. (International Club of Dog lovers for Dogs of all Breeds) was established by dog lovers, owners and breeders in summer 1994 as a "Registered Association".

Our dog club connects people of all ages with a true passion for DOGS.

     NEW ! Breeding regulations  Valid from 2020-09-28  

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The Club for ALL dog lovers, owners and breeders.

Join us and sign in - for only 3 Euro monthly (membership fee).


Those interested in becoming a member of the IHR e.V., click

to print and complete the membership application and send it to:

Verein Internationaler Hundefreunde aller Rassen (IHR) e. V.

Birkenweg 8, D-25486 Alveslohe, Germany

No more inconvenience and trouble - join us instead!


Club Activities:

Take advantage of presenting your dog(s) and your kennel several times
a year at our gala events and specialty shows.
Enjoy meeting other dog lovers, owners and breeders in a friendly
atmosphere (including good catering).
Take an active part in exciting finals and winning attractive cups.

View our show pictures here on our website.

Owners of mixed breed dogs are also welcome to present
their dogs in our special "Fun Class".
Eye-catching cups and a lot of fun are waiting for you.

The Club also offers special highlights for children to present
their dogs at our shows all by themselves.

"Child and Dog"
for children up to 9, and
"Junior Handling"
for children from 10 - 15.

During summer time we organize hiking and walking tours,
barbecues, breed-specific get-togethers,
campfire-nights and other highlights with our dogs - having
a lot of fun meeting other members and get to know them better.

At the end of the year we meet at our annual Christmas party
(for all members from near and far).


Information and Services for Breeders

The Club trains and qualifies its own breed wardens and judges.
They are always happy to advise you and answer any
questions about dog keeping, breeding and raising.


Our Service includes

Workshops for breeders, owners of stud dogs,
as well as prospective breed wardens
(as required by relevant needs).

Kennel protection, championships, collective cups,
breed suitability tests, kennel controls, and a lot more.


Important Notice!

If you plan on responsible dog breeding, it should be obligatory
for you to join a reputable pedigree dog club, providing you
with the pedigree papers for your puppies.

Consult our long-standing and experienced members before you
decide to breed. Breeding requires high responsibility.

Only breeders registered with an authorized dog club can
provide their customers with pedigree papers. Reputable breeders
don't sell their pups on the cheap without pedigree certificates.

Without pedigree papers, dog buyers don't get the chance for
further breeding or presenting their dog at purebred dog shows.
Please, also think about the future of your pups - vast numbers
of dogs without pedigree papers end up in animal homes.

For more information and any questions, please contact us:


IHR e.V. und NCV e.V.
Birkenweg 8, D-25486 Alveslohe,
Fone & Fax:
+49 4193 - 754911
+49 4193 - 91245
email :